Advance – IMH – 39 – G – LF


Advance Philips E-Vision IMH39GLF M130-C130 Intelli-Volt 120-277V
Electronic G Casing Metal Halide Ballast W/ Mounting Feet Which
Operates (1) 35-39W Mastercolor Ceramic Metal Halide Lamp

  • Max Distance To Lamp 5ft.
  • Rated Wattage 46W
  • Minimum Starting Temp. -20ºC/-4ºF
  • 90°C maximum case temperature
  • (G) Casing Dim: 3.8in (L) x 3in (W) x 1.3in (H)
  • Superior heat transfer relative to plastic
  • Enhancing safety and durability
  • Meets universal code compliance
  • Rated Voltage: Intellivolt 120V Or 277V (50/60hz)
  • Reduction of lamp overpowering and/or thermal stress
  • by shutting down should the lamp
  • EOL detection removes power from lamps when they
  • behave erratically Or fail to ignite
  • LF-Ballast with side exit leads and mounting feet, Leads exit
  • Reach end-of-life, enhancing safety and preventing lamp cycling
  • Also Available Philips 220V European Version HID Replacement Ballast


Additional Information

Philips Advance E-Vision IMHG39LF Is A 39 Watt ANSI Code M130/C130 With Minimum Starting Temp. -30°C/-20°F & Side exit leads with mounting feet 1.0 Ballast Factor 3.8in x 3in x 1.2in Metallic enclosure Ballast Which provide Higher efficiency, Greater lumen maintenance, Longer lamp life,Enhanced color control

Cross Reference:

  • Sylvania 51961QTP1x39MH UNV SQ F
  • Aromat Or Universal Vossloh-Schwabe M3912CK-6EU-F
  • Hatch MC39-1-F-UNNU
  • GE 87501 GEMH39-MSF-120
  • Fulham HH-MH-120-039-C
  • Sunpark 120-MH35 Ballast
Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 4 x 3 x 2 in