GE 11750 EXX/120V/250W


GE Quartzline PC #11750 EXX 250 Watt Halogen 120V Open Face MR16 Camera Light

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GE Quartzline EXX 250W Halogen 120 Volts MR16 Open Face Camera Light

  • GY5.3 (2-Pin Base)
  • Open Face *No Cover Glass*
  • Base/Down-Horizontal Burn Position
  • Rated Voltage 120 Volt
  • Rated Avg. Life 25hrs
  • MOL 44.5mm x DIA 50.67mm
  • CC-8 Filament
  • Color Temp 3300K
  • Ansi Code EXX
  • Used In Camera Light

Additional Information

  • Precisely manufactured, tailored filaments which maximise source brightness
  • giving optimum performance in disco applications.
  • High light-generating efficacy to help minimise power
  • consumption and heat generation.
  • Prefocus-type caps or precision rim mounting to
  • position the filament accurately in relation to the associated optics.
Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 2 x 2 x 2 in