All Day Lighting (ADL) was founded in 2004, the same year that Nick Holonyak Jr., the inventor of the first practical LED, was awarded the Lemelson-MIT Prize. Today, LED bulbs are one of the many energy-efficient lightbulbs we sell to customers all over the world. Back in 2004, very few including us where selling LEDs direct to consumers. We were thinking about energy-efficient lighting long before it became fashionable.

We’re total geeks about lighting and lightbulbs. We really enjoy the whole technology angle that goes into making a superior lighting product. Most people think all lightbulbs are pretty much the same. Nothing could be further from the truth. We run tests on lightbulbs because, frankly, we want to make sure manufactures claim are true. Cheaply made lightbulbs inevitably fail to live up to the specs on the box. The light quality can be abysmal or the bulb can burn out too fast.

There are some great bulbs made in China and Mexico, and some not so good ones made here in the States. UL standards can sometimes be misleading. So you have to trust the company you buy from. If you purchase a 10-year CFL at a discount but it only last five years, you haven’t saved anything. Plus, if you use a lot of bulbs, say in a hotel, the man-hours required to replace those bulbs have to factor into your true cost. And you have to think about whether you’re buying the right type of bulb in the first place. In some cases, an LED is a better choice than a CFL. At ADL, we’re happy to help you with any lighting questions. In fact our friendly staff look forward to helping you. Our prices are comparable and low for our industry. People who know lighting know ADL by name and reputation.

So how do we manage to be better and cheaper at the same time? Well, to be honest, our profit margins are lower. We make less on each lightbulb we sell, but do fine because we are more efficient. In other words, we don’t make stupid mistakes that cost us money and we don’t overstock. Our customers are loyal and continue to come back. Not only because of our great prices but also because of our customer service. Our staff is attentive and friendly and no matter what time you call ADL you will always speak to the same person. We keep our staff small to provide a more personal shopping experience and better pricing. Once someone buys a lighting product from ADL, they see the difference. So go ahead call us and see for yourself.